Wallace by Xarmony (2020)

Thumbs Up

Wallace by Xarmony (2020) is a very green and grassy fragrance, perhaps the grassiest I have ever smelled in my time exploring perfume. Full stop, this is the scent for the person who can’t get enough of the fresh cut grass smell, and has a lot of cis 3 hexanol to that effect, which is a potent synthetic compound that produces vivid green notes. Of course, Wallace is more than that, but the “front load” consists of that green salvo, before a light floral woody background moves in to support it. Overall I wouldn’t call this a sweet fragrance either, despite the floral choices, nor is it particularly mossy either, even if there are some nuances. I like this, and it really has a different character from many of the others from the brand I’ve tried, which is an added compliment to Trill Noel’s diverse tastes as a perfumer.

The opening of Wallace is fresh cut grass and some light. dry, fresh hay-like notes courtesy of tonka. The brand denotes a “Scottish bog” note in the structure, which I can only surmise is the musk choice here. The white florals and dry rose come in behind once that grassiness gets cozy and settles down. The tonka re-asserts and then some nondescript dry woody impressions show up. Wallace lists wisteria, gardenia, and freesia, although I won’t say I get any significantly stand-out floral notes potent enough to be recognizable other than some of the light rose. Wallace is the rare example of a Xarmony fragrance that isn’t knock-your-socks-off strong, but that’s because of the transparent design. This scent is long-lasting, even if it comes and goes from your nose.

Not that Wallace really compares to anything, but the closest fragrance to this I’ve encountered is Ashes by Clandestine Laboratories (2021), although they go in different directions with the base as Ashes is much earthier and less focused on green. Still, if you’re looking for a comparable experience, and a rather unique one in the fragrance market otherwise, I’d say these two could definitely sit in a collection beside one another for fans of either, as having the other is complimentary rather than redundant. Just really a green-focused grassy fresh fragrance here with a unique take on the theme devoid of the usual heavy herbs or pine/moss notes associated with the genre. If any of that sounds interesting to you, maybe Wallace is your starting point for the house. Thumbs up


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