Stetson Untamed (2003)


Stetson Untamed by Coty (2003) is a sweet leathery-fresh type thing that frankly wasn’t really all that great of a style mashup to begin with, and ended up being forgotten after only a few years on the market. I feel like Coty ultimately replaced this with Stetson Black (2005), which was a better scent doing a similar sweet leather vibe, but went more down the 1980’s path to achieve its goal. Still, not a fantastic scent either, but definitely better than this one. I might also have a certain bias against Untamed, because like with Joop! Homme by Parfums Joop! (1989), I knew someone who very much over-wore this stuff. Oh well, some things can’t be helped, and for the prices this was selling back then, I can see someone hosing down with it and replacing in short order if all they wanted was a sillage cloud. It took an awful lot of this juice to get it at offensive levels too, since unlike Joop! Homme, this was no powerhouse. I think the proliferation of very noticeable aromachemicals are what turns this into a nightmare at higher applications.

The opening of Stetson Untamed reminds me a bit of Avon HisStory (2003) in the use of green notes and aldehydes to make a fresh leather zing. This part of the scent is good and I wish it lasted longer. Lemon and lime mix with carnation to form a familiar leathery chypre core that is beefed up with clary sage and lavender for barbershop touches. Everything is still nice until this candy vanilla enters the mix in the base, alongside what can only be iso e super for the woody elements. Once these enter the fray, I get the feeling that the anonymous perfumer was trying to recall the original Stetson by Coty (1981) structure in Untamed, but did so at the cost of the integrity of the rest. yeah, this trainwrecks into a skeleton of the original Stetson base type, and it doesn’t work. At least performance is short and weak without aforementioned over-spraying. Best use is going to be spring through early fall for this one, just not near me please.

The prices this goes for nowadays since its early retirement aren’t exactly offensive, but aren’t what the stuff is really worth either. Stetson Untamed is a C-tier fragrance from a B-tier licensed brand that only really made good on the original pillar entry into the line, then farted around coasting on the coattails of its success for the next 40 or so odd years, like MEM did with English Leather (1949) until it collapsed and was bought up by another company. I don’t absolutely hate Untamed if worn at a moderate level, but then you have to compete with the poor performance, so there is no in between with this stuff. Either you annoy the piss out of everyone with Untamed, or squirt it on and forget about its existence after an hour. Either way, I wouldn’t mess with such mediocrity unless it came at a near-throwaway price. Stick with the original Stetson to understand what all the fuss is about, as it’s basically Houbigant Chantilly (1941) “untamed” itself. Neutral

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